Meals, Rest & Recovery Periods

Stand Up For Your Rights To Meal Breaks On The Job

California employers are generally expected to provide uninterrupted 30-minute meal breaks for employees who work more than five hours a day – and a second such meal break for 10-hour days. Similar rules apply to 10-minute rest breaks for every four hours worked, or a major fraction thereof. Plus, rest breaks must be paid (on the clock).

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Have You Been Denied Proper Breaks Or Pay For Break Periods?

There may be exceptions to these rules, such as for industries that have their own meal and rest break schedules arrived at through collective bargaining agreements. Furthermore, some caregiving occupations require that employees stay on the premises and supervise children or people with disabilities during the workers’ rest breaks. Knowledge may be powerful when you are an employee who has been denied proper breaks or proper pay for breaktimes.

For employees in the Los Angeles area who suspect that they are being denied proper breaks and/or pay for mandated breaks, our employment law firm provides guidance on filing class action and individual lawsuits as needed.

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