Minimum Wage & Off-The-Clock Work

Did Your Employer Deny You Your Rightful Minimum Wage Earnings?

The Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian is recognized among the leading employment law firms handling cases involving employer wage and hour violations in California.

Employers and employees generally acknowledge the concept of a minimum wage, but many businesses attempt to skirt around the rules in various ways. As an employee, you may have been denied your rightful pay if your employer:

  • Had you on controlled standby time without pay
  • Scheduled you for a split shift and did not give you a paid meal break
  • Failed to pay you for travel time during your workday
  • Failed to pay for every hour worked, even though you were paid on commission or by piece rate.

These and other violations of state employment laws may amount to wage theft by employers.

No matter how you were denied minimum wage or were compelled to work outside of your normal paid work time, you should understand your rights and available legal remedies. Law Offices of Eric A. Boyajian is a valuable source of advocacy for workers in California. We are here to help you stand up for your right to fair pay on the job.

What If Your Company Compelled You To Work Off The Clock?

If you have a case against an employer who violated state wage and hour laws, how can you bring about justice? In consultation with our employment law attorney, you can explore this topic in depth. We may advise you to initiate or join a class action lawsuit or bring an individual claim against your employer. We will help you estimate legal costs as well as potential rewards.

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