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The minimum wage in California has been steadily rising in the past decade or so. As of January 1, 2021, the state’s minimum wage became $14 per hour for companies with 26 or more employees and $13 per hour for companies with 25 or fewer. Previous years’ rates had been $13 and $12, respectively, beginning in 2020, $12 and $11 in 2019 and $11 and $10.50 in 2018.

Some exceptions apply. For example, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and other cities have higher minimum wages than the state overall. Furthermore, some occupations (such as student employees, camp counselors and handicapped employees working for nonprofit organizations), have lower state minimum wages.

Some Details To Note

The information above is just a partial outline of California’s wage and hour laws. Government agencies frequently refer to wage and hour violations as “wage theft.” Besides minimum wage, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office oversees the following for workers throughout the state:

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Have you been coerced to work overtime without receiving appropriate overtime pay? Have you been asked to work off the clock or work through your legal lunch and rest breaks? Has your employer made excuses for paying workers less than minimum wage in California? Whatever your concern, we are truly interested in hearing your story.

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